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Accutrol LLC is a manufacturer of world class airflow measurement and control products used in critical environments and specialized applications. Accutrol offers engineered airflow control solutions to meet the demands of 21st century sustainable design.

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The flagship, award-winning AccuValve®was designed for 21st century critical environment airflow control.

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The AccuValve airflow control valve won the 2008 ASHRAE/AHR Innovation Award. The AV3000 is the first truly new design in airflow control in decades.  It's revolutionary design maximizes turndown while maintaining high accuracy while having the lowest pressure drop throughout the flow range. The fast acting Belimo actuator provides the speed of response and the vortex airflow measuring probes provide the high accuracy airflow measurement needed for critical applications.


The AccuValve AVC is an electronic pressure independent airflow control valve.  The revolutionary AVC is the first airflow control valve created for critical environments that achieves pressure independence electronically.  It incorporates a "Native BACnet" controller with an integrated transmitter.  The AVC provides owners and designers with all of the benefits of the low pressure drop AccuValve as well as application options for electronic pressure independence

The Accutrol AVC Fume Hood Control System has been named the "winner" of the 2016 AHR Innovation Award for Building Automation. Listen to Accutrol President, Fred George, talk about the award in the video below.

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The award-winning Accutrol AVC Fume Hood Control System with Insight software provides an unprecedented evolution in fume hood control technology. It significantly simplifies the start-up, operation and modification for VAV fume hoods.

The Accutrol AVC Fume Hood Control System combines the award-winning design of the low pressure drop AccuValve Airflow Control Valve with a “smart” fume hood display and a powerful and intuitive user interface.This innovative combination allows owners to easily set up and change the fume hood configuration without complicated manuals.


Tek-Air was aquired by Accutroll LLC on January 15, 2015.  They will continue to provide innovative critical environment air flow solutions for spaces such as laboratories, life science and healthcare and simultaneously modernize the Tek-Air product line.

Tek-Air won the runner up 2011 AHR Expo award for innovation for the IAQ-TEK outside air measuring system. This device can measure accurately outside airflows even in turbulent air conditions. This can provide the necessary information on OSA measurements needed for LEED and energy saving buildings.



Tek-Air Blade Control Valve offers the capability of damper control and VorTek airflow measuring in a prepackaged assembly.  This valve does not require a minimum SP to insure safe operation and comes in a variety of construction materials (Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel or CPVC) and a variety of sizes (4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16").  All model have the fast acting Belimo actuator in either fail safe mode (open or closed) and fail last position.



Airflow measuring probes for ductwork or fan inlets.  





Seasons 4 has building custom HVAC systems since 1971. They serve schools, commercial, office buildings and now clean room applications as well. Their systems provide superior performance and high quality.



Direct replacement systems have been a specialty for Seasons 4 for over 40 years. They have engineered thousands of direct replacement units for all manufacturers. Typically, the old system can be upgraded to provide better efficiency and performance, while still fitting the original footprint. 


There are many advantages of using Seasons 4 direct replacement units.  The downtime is minimzed - the old unit can be replaced in just 8 hours many times. The unit will arrive on-site at the day and time you choose - often eliminating the need to have the unit shipped to the rigger's yard for a later delivery. The unit can interface with most control systems or they can factory install anybody else's controls. All units are factory run tested to ensure proper operation before they leav e the factory. On all direct replacement units, the existing unit will be measured by a factory technician to guarantee the fit onto the existing curb and/or duct connections. A factory authorized technician will also be on site to supervise the rigging and final start-up.